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ShopIt is the latest shopping checklist app for the iPhone and iPad. It provides an uncluttered view of your lists and items without distracting advertisements. The app stores lists locally on your device and synchronizes your lists between your devices using cloud storage. ShopIt lets you share any of your lists using secure invitations you can send with AirDrop, email, or DropBox. You don't have to share a list, you can keep it private. If you chose to share a list, you can easily revoke someone's privilege to access it. You're in control of your lists!

You can create and share wish lists with your friends and family. They get to see what is on your list and get alerted by Apple's push notification service when you add or change the list or when someone buys a gift, but all the purchase information is hidden from you so you're still surprised!

Everyone loves adding tasks to someone else's to-do list. ShopIt provides To-Do Lists. Now you can create that 'honey do list' and share it with someone special, create as many task lists for others or personal lists to organize your to-do's. ShopIt notifications make it easy to keep abreast of new and changing tasks and progress on assignments you have delegated.

Have friends you want to share with but they don't have an iPhone? No problem, One in a Million Apps LLC has a web app with the same great look, feel, and features that works from any device with a modern browser; that means anyone can share your list stored in the cloud! Alerts let you know when someone changes a shared list, category, item or purchase.

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