ShopIt Changes in V2.0

New Features:

  • To Do Lists.
    Everyone loves adding tasks to someone else’s to-do list. ShopIt expands it’s strength in list sharing by providing To-Do Lists. Now you can create that ‘honey do list’ and share it with a special someone, create as many task lists for others or personal task lists to organize your to-do’s. ShopIt notifications make it easy to keep abreast of new and changing tasks and progress on assignments you have delegated.
  • New Interface.
    This latest version includes a streamlined interface that shows list items as soon as the list is selected and provides toolbar buttons for secondary features. There are now buttons for shopping, managing categories, sharing lists, and viewing shopping history.
  • Wish List Improvements.
    Previously, shared wishlists were displayed with the owner’s full name as well as the list name. Now the app displays just the owner’s first name (if it is unique) and the list name.
    In version 1.4, you had to select a wish item to see if a friend had already purchased it. Now wish items are grayed out if the item has been purchased.
  • Editing improvements.
    The Edit menu button now brings up a dialogue box letting you select between delete and reorder items, cut/copy/paste items, select all items, or clear all checkmarks.
    Cut, copy, & paste has been expanded to work for all types of lists. You can even copy and paste items from different list types.


  • Fixed a crash when syncing included a list type not supported by current version.
  • Fixed crash if trying to email a sharing invite without first creating the invitation. Now ShopIt automatically creates sharing invite if you tap the sharing button without creating an invite.
  • Fixed a bug where a wish item posted by another app wasn’t displayed when you finished editing a different item and returned to the wishlist.
  • If an item name was extremely long, it would be displayed, but in a font too small to read. Now long names are handled more intelligently.