How do I use the PrayZ app?

Sign Up / Login

Let’s start with creating an account using the sign up screen. First you need to switch from Login to Sign up, then fill in your name, email address and a password. You then have to accept the End-User license agreement. Since you haven’t created any prayer requests, you’re be looking at a brief help screen. If you are already already signed up with One in a Million Apps, you can stay with the login screen and just enter your email address and password.

PrayZ Sign up

Creating / Editing Prayer Requests

First the layout of the main screen. At the top of the screen is your name and all your prayer requests. PrayZ is all about prayer requests, so the first thing to show you is how to create a prayer request. Press the + button on the toolbar at the bottom left side of the screen. You can edit a previously created prayer by pressing on its name to view it, then press the edit button which looks like this ๐Ÿ“ at the top right of the screen.

When you’ve finished creating/editing your prayer, DON’T forget to press the green save icon on the top right side of the screen.

Most people don’t even know what a floppy disk ๐Ÿ’พ is any more, but in the old days that’s where we put our files and that’s what the SAVE icon looks like.

Creating and editing a prayer request.

PrayZ creates a priority for the prayer using the Urgency and Importance factors on the edit screen. Why the complexity? Urgency is how timely the request needs to be, particularly when you are sharing a prayer with a group. Someone going to the hospital is very urgent โฑ, other things are much longer term ๐Ÿ“† and everything in between. The other aspect of priority is Importance. The spiritual welfare of a loved one is very important (High) and that promise to pray for your friend’s cousin’s pet is probably Low. By using both these factors, PrayZ can organize all the prayer requests that might accumulate over time so you can start with the highest priority ones.

Creating Prayer Groups

The power prayer is amplified when more people are praying for the same request. The power of PrayZ is in sharing prayer requests with fellow prayer warriors to bring God more glory as people see the effectiveness of prayer. You can create your own prayer group by pressing the group icon on the toolbar (looks like 3 people grouped together) then pressing the + button. Groups have three levels of access:

  • Public – visible with search ๐Ÿ”, no permission required to join.
  • Moderated- visible with search, requires permission required to join.
  • Private – not visible to search, only the group owner or his designated moderator(s) can invite people to join.

When creating a group, enter a title for the group, a description, and specify the access level for the group.

When you’ve finished creating/editing your group, DON’T forget to press the green save icon on the top right side of the screen.

Joining Prayer Groups

At the middle of the Groups screen toolbar is the search icon๐Ÿ”. Pressing this button will bring up the list of visible groups available to join. Press the name of the list you would like to join.

If someone invites you to join their prayer group by entering your email address, a green badge will be displayed above the group icon on the main Prayer List screen notifying you that there is an action requested on the Groups screen. When you press the groups icon, you will see the group name you are being invited to, green check button โœ… (join) and red do not enter ๐Ÿšซ button (decline).

When you belong to a group, you can press on the group name to see the group name, description, and a list of members. To remove yourself from the group swipe right-to-left on your name to reveal a red trash icon. Press the icon to remove yourself from the group.

If you are the owner or a moderator for the group, you can invite other people to join the group by entering their email address on this screen. You can also delete other members by swiping on their name.

Praying for people

On the main Prayer List screen you can press the Pray icon ๐Ÿ™ at the center of the toolbar. The Prayer screen appears with the highest priority prayer first. Press the Pray icon ๐Ÿ™ after you’ve lifted this request to God and the next prayer request will appear. To not pray for a request, you can advance to the next one with the Forward button on the bottom right โญ or press the Rewind button โฎ on the bottom left portion of the screen to see the last prayer request.

Why use the ๐Ÿ™ button instead of the โญ button? Because PrayZ provides encouraging feedback to the person who created the prayer request in the form of a count that increases every time someone prays for their request!

As you look at the top of the prayer request, on the left side of the screen is the status of the prayer:

  • ๐Ÿ™ Hopeful
  • ๐Ÿ™Œ Answered
  • ๐Ÿ˜” Silence
  • ๐Ÿ““Archived

On the top right side is the prayer request creator’s name and below that, the prayer group you have in common. Note: You could have more than one prayer group in common, but the prayer only appears in the first one.

Providing encouragement

You can provide encouragement and other feedback to prayer requests. From the main Prayer List screen press on the prayer request description to bring up the prayer details screen. On that screen, you can post some words of encouragement. On the bottom right is an icon showing the number of times someone has prayed for the prayer request (e.g. 41๐Ÿ™). If you press that button, a screen is displayed showing who is covering that request with prayer. If you want to edit or delete a comment you wrote, simply press on it to pop-up a dialog asking what you want to do with the comment.


Since people sometimes have a different personality online to what you experience in real life, PrayZ offers some safety features. You can block an offensive comment someone posted, an offensive prayer request, or an offensive person.

Pressing on a comment written by someone else displays a pop-up menu offering you the choice to block the comment or the author of the comment. The Do-Not-Enter icon on the toolbar lets you completely block that prayer request and the icon with the person with the X lets you block that sender so you never have to read another prayer shared by them. Note: You can unblock a prayer request or group member in your settings screen which is accessed by pressing the ? icon on the main Prayer List screen then pressing the Settings icon โš™๏ธ on the help screen.

ShopIt adds recipe sharing in V4.4

Recipe Sharing

You can now send a copy of a recipe to family or friends by tapping the Share button while viewing a recipe. The standard iOS dialog will appear allowing you to AirDrop, text or email a link to the recipe. When your friend clicks on the link, ShopIt will launch and import the recipe to their device. Since it’s only a copy, your friend can customize their instance of the recipe without changing yours.

The Share button is at the bottom of the screen in the middle.

More Recipe Websites

We’ve added support for importing recipes from more websites. If your favorite cooking site isn’t currently supported, ShopIt will prompt you to send us a request with the website URL.

New Cooking Websites Supported

Latest devices

ShopIt has been built with the latest Apple tools to support all their new devices.

Web Browser

The internal web browser used to display the help screen and the product description has been updated for better performance.

Sync button

The sync button is now disabled after you tap it so you know the synchronize request is being processed. After the sync completes, the button is reenabled.

Golf Target GPS Changes V1.4

New Features

[โžข] Button

The [โžข] button has been added to the map screen below the hole number and par information. Touching the button recenters the map on your current location.

[๐Ÿ“ฑโ‡”โ˜๏ธ] Button

The synchronize button [๐Ÿ“ฑโ‡”โ˜๏ธ] is now disabled after being touched until  the synchronize operation completes. This change provides feedback that the button has been pressed and the operation is in progress.

Location Privacy

Golf Target GPS now supports Apple’s Always and When in Use privacy option.

Fixes in this release

  • An issue was addressed with saving cards to the cloud server
  • Because the app didn’t support the new location privacy setting, new installations basically didn’t work because no GPS location was provided by iOS.

ShopIt changes in V4.3

ย  ย  Recipe Import

ย  ย  ย  ย  You can now import a recipe by pasting the recipe website address directly into ShopIt. This is useful when you find a recipe using an app that doesn’t provide a Share To link to ShopIt.<

To import a recipe from a website, type or paste the URL address in the ‘Import recipe from web link’ text field and tap <Return>


A bug was introduced when we moved our server to a newer, more powerful machine. The problem was imported recipes did not include the ingredients. If you delete and reimport affected recipes, the ingredients will be included.

ShopIt adds recipe folders in V4.2


Folders add the same great organizational features to recipes that Categories provide for shopping, wish and to-do lists

  • Order your folders however you like (e.g. favorite recipes first, then breakfast recipes, salads, new and interesting, โ€ฆ).
  • Collapse (to hide) and expand (to reveal) certain recipes in your catalog.
  • Move recipes from one folder to another with edit drag-and-drop.
  • Use the powerful search function to find recipes using partial word matches in the title and optionally ingredients.

ShopIt V4.0 is all about Recipes!

Recipes go hand in hand with grocery shopping. If you see a recipe you like while browsing the web using Safari, you can quickly send the recipe information from the cooking site to ShopIt by tapping the sharing button.

Here’s a cooking website.

If you don’t see the ShopIt icon when you tap the sharing button here’s a quick video to show you to enable it.

Once ShopIt is enabled as a destination, you can send your recipes to it.

Share the recipe with ShopIt

Returning to ShopIt and choosing Recipes, you’ll see the imported recipe. ShopIt captures the recipe name, ingredient list, instructions, prep/cook/total times, website URL and notes have been captured; left behind are all the advertisements.

List of recipes

Tap on the recipe name to bring up a page with ingredients and instructions. At the bottom of the recipe page are two buttons, ? (Shop for recipe) and โš™ (Settings).


You can view or edit ingredient detail information by tapping an individual ingredient, likewise for instructions.

The โš™ button launches a settings scene where you choose a preferred grocery list for new items and a subset of all your shopping lists. The preferred list is the list where ingredients you haven’t purchased before are added. Below that new items list button is a table of all your shopping lists. It is helpful to limit the recipe ingredient search and display to just grocery lists (otherwise ShopIt might want to match ‘oil’ in a recipe with ‘motor oil’ from the hardware store list).

When you plan to make a recipe, tap the ? to add needed ingredients to your grocery list. ShopIt uses powerful search techniques to match the ingredients in the recipe to grocery items you’ve already purchased. On this page, each ingredient is displayed along with the grocery item matched to it. Checkmark the ingredients you need to purchase.

Checkmark ingredients to add them to your shopping list

If ShopIt made a matching mistake, you can easily correct it by tapping the item name (e.g. [Cauliflower]) and make a correction. If ShopIt couldn’t decide which item to match to the ingredient instead of a name, the button reads [Please add or match an item]. Tapping the [Item Button] brings up all the recipe details about the ingredient (quantity, unit of measure, name, & comments) and a list of your grocery items with the best matching items at the top of the list.

Checkmark the correct one or tap the + button to add a new item (Pearl Onions in this example) to your preferred grocery list. If you just added the ingredient, now is a great time to assign it to a category. You can also search through all your ingredients to find a match by tapping the ? button at the bottom of the page.

Here are some more details about the recipe page.

Other recipe actions

Here’s what the edit recipe screen looks like.

Recipe information page

ShopIt with recipes is awesome! The details about your recipe ingredients show up on your grocery list and your recipes are right there on your iPhone at the store if you need to review something.

How convenient is that?

Pilot cList V1.7 Just Released

Here’s a list of the New features

Configurable Delay

The delay between when you check an item on your list and when it disappears is now configurable. Tap the โ“ button to get to the help screen, then tap the โš™ button to open the Settings page. Move the slider to adjust the delay. There’s a sample checkbox that lets you test your setting.

How do I hide infrequently used items in ShopIt?

You can hide infrequently purchased items with a setting from 1 to 36 months.
  1. Tap the โ“ button (About/Help) on the right side of the toolbar
  2. Tap the โš™ (Settings) button.
  3. On the settings page, there’s a slider that lets you choose to hide infrequently used items ranging from Never (old items are always visible) to 36 months.

Quickly reveal the hidden items when planning a shopping trip.

  1. Tap the โ–ท (Expand) button on the right side of the group name to unmask the rarely used items in the category. The button changes to โ–ฝ (Collapse) and tapping it again will hide the older items.
  2. The search ? feature also finds the infrequently used items, even if they are currently being hidden from view.