ShopIt Changes in Version 2.2

New Features:

  • Apple Watch Performance.
    Viewing a list on the watch now occur almost immediately when you select the list. In the prior release it could take a few seconds for the list to be displayed. The engine used to sync the phone to the watch has also been improved.


  • Shared Shopping Lists.
    If you and a friend were sharing a shopping list and each of you independently created a shopping plan, after syncing only the last plan created would be visible; the first plan would be hidden until you finished shopping then it would reappear. Now, ShopIt detects multiple active shopping plans and merges them after a sync.
  • Item Order.
    Sometimes the item order in a list would not be handled correctly; this was fixed in this release.

Pilot cList Changes in V1.2

New Features:

    • Apple Watch Support.
      When you install Pilot cList on your Apple Watch, your phone synchronizes your checklists with your watch making performing those repetitive task even easier. You can leave your phone in your pocket and breeze through your task list checking off items as you complete them. Pilot cList hides checked items so at a glance you can see what’s the next task to complete.
    • Task List Counts.
      The main lists scene shows a checkmark with the number of items completed and total items on the task list. This change lets you see what lists have unfinished tasks.
    • Add button moved.
      Previously, on the edit lists page, the Add button was next to the <Back button at the top left corner of the page. Now Add is on the top right of the page when you are creating a new list and becomes Edit after you’ve created the list. You must tap Add to create the list before any other functions on the screen are activated.
    • No more double tap.
      We thought accidently tapping a sublist and having the app checkmark or clear all the items under the list could be an inconvienence (particularly if you’ve been packing all day for a trip and accidently marked all the items in the suitcase list when you know the task was only 3/4 finished), so we required you to double tap a sublist line to change all the items contained in that sublist. Now, Pilot cList notes what items are checked and if you tapped the sublist line accidently, you can tap it a second time to restore the item checkmarks thier previous condition.
      If you want to clear the checkmarks for a sublist, you can swipe it to the right; this will clear the checkmarks for that sublist. If you swipe a second time, it restores the checkmarks. If you swipe a task line, the app remembers if it was checkmarked. Swiping the task a second time restores it back to its previous state.
      One final tweak in this area, crossed out items are no longer counted as completed nor are they included in the total number of items on the list.
    • Import old lists.
      The website now provides a mechanism to import your old lists formatted as text files into Pilot cList. Go to the website to see details on this feature. If your checklists are saved in spreadsheets and would like the import function to be able to read CSV files, send us an email and we’ll add that feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Checkmark counts weren’t displayed on the title line when you first select a list. You had to checkmark an item to get them to display. Now they appear all the time.