ShopIt Changes in Version 2.4

New Features:

  • Barcodes.
    You can now scan barcodes instead of typing the name of shopping list
    items. When you scan a barcode, ShopIt queries a public community based
    database containing 1.9 million codes for the name and notes of an item.
    If the item has been added by someone, ShopIt fills in the item name and
    notes for you. If the item is new, you are given the opportunity to
    contribute the information to help others in the community.


  • Editing Quantity on Watch.
    If you edited the purchase quantity using the watch, the quantity was changed internally, but the number displayed on the watch was still the old value.
  • Purchased Items not Hidden on Watch.
    If you tapped an item on the watch while shopping and you have Hide ✔️ enabled, the item wouldn’t disappear as quickly as it should have.
  • Cut, Copy, & Paste.
    If you selected multiple items to Cut from a list only the first item was removed and if you Pasted multiple items, only the first was added.
    Also, the clipboard wasn’t being cleared before Cutting or Copying items, so it would continue to accumulate items.