Golf Target GPS Changes in Version 1.2

New Features:

    • Search courses.
      You can now search the list of courses to see if someone has already
      added course information to Golf Target GPS. Also, adding course
      information has been improved. Now, you can type the name of the
      course and touch a search button and the app will scan Apple’s
      Points of Interest data. If a match is found, the course address, phone
      number, and website are added to Golf Target GPS.
    • Course Info Convenience Buttons.
      There are now buttons next to the course information that provide useful
      functions. You can tap on the ? button to bring up driving directions
      to the course. The ? button lets you call the course and the ? button
      shows the course web site in Safari.
    • Add Tee Button.
      A button has been added to the toolbar at the bottom of the new round scene
      that lets you add tee information if the tees for the course don’t include
      the one you are playing; e.g. you are playing from the blues, but only the
      whites have been configured.
    • Golf Course Country Name Saved.
      Previously, when viewing the information about a course, the country was
      always set to USA. Now, you can specify other countries in that field.


  • Fixes:
  • Addressed Crash Starting a New Round.
    If you started a new round on a course that had no tee boxes configured,
    the app would crash. Now it asks you if you want to create a score card
    for that tee box.
  • Fixed a Crash Marking Tee Box on Map.
    If you changed the hole number when marking a tee box location, the
    app would crash when you returned to the map scene.
  • Fixed a Crash Marking a Target on Map.
    If you tried to create a target on the map before starting a new round,
    the app would crash.
  • Not Adding Player.
    When you launched the app for the first time, it asks you to add yourself
    to the list of players; your information wasn’t saved after you added
  • Changing Tee Selection.
    If you started a round and used the edit score card feature to change
    the tees being used from say Red to White, the score card was updated
    however the tee box markers were not updated on the map.
  • Distance to Course.
    If the distance to a course changed, that information wasn’t reflected
    on the list of courses unless you exited the page and returned.
  • Stroke Information from Watch.
    By default, if you recorded stroke information using your Apple Watch,
    the distances weren’t applied to the club statistics; you had to manually
    checkmark the stroke in the club statistics scene to include it. Now
    strokes from the watch behave like those recorded from the phone and
    are included in the statistics.

Golf Target GPS Changes in Version 1.1

New Features:

  • Score Card on Watch.
    You can now view your score card from your Apple Watch. A button at the bottom of the main watch scene lets you view your score card on the watch. If you are keeping score for multiple players, you can swipe right or left on the score card scene to view other players’ scores. If you tap on a score, the enter score scene is shown, allowing you to edit the strokes, putts, and penalties for that hole.


  • Crash Creating Targets.
    Golf Target GPS sometimes crashed when creating target points.
  • Scorecard Cleared if Watch App Restarted.
    If you force quit Golf Target GPS on the Apple Watch and relaunched it, all the scores on the scorecard would be erased.
  • Target Points not Deleted.
    If you deleted a saved target point (by tapping the bullseye pin, then tapping the (I) info button for the shot, then tapping the trash can at the bottom of the scene), the the target point wasn’t completely deleted. If you played another round, that target point would reappear.