Golf Target GPS Changes in Version 1.1

New Features:

  • Score Card on Watch.
    You can now view your score card from your Apple Watch. A button at the bottom of the main watch scene lets you view your score card on the watch. If you are keeping score for multiple players, you can swipe right or left on the score card scene to view other players’ scores. If you tap on a score, the enter score scene is shown, allowing you to edit the strokes, putts, and penalties for that hole.


  • Crash Creating Targets.
    Golf Target GPS sometimes crashed when creating target points.
  • Scorecard Cleared if Watch App Restarted.
    If you force quit Golf Target GPS on the Apple Watch and relaunched it, all the scores on the scorecard would be erased.
  • Target Points not Deleted.
    If you deleted a saved target point (by tapping the bullseye pin, then tapping the (I) info button for the shot, then tapping the trash can at the bottom of the scene), the the target point wasn’t completely deleted. If you played another round, that target point would reappear.

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