PrayZ is the ultimate app for organizing and sharing your prayers and prayer requests on iPhone, iPad and Android. It provides an uncluttered view of your prayers and prayer groups without distracting advertisements.

Feature Summary:

  • Create any number of prayers.
  • Assign your prayers priority to organize your and your fellow prayer warrior’s prayer time.
  • Track the status of your prayers as Hopeful (praying), Answered (yes), Silence (maybe), or Archived (no).
  • Create public, moderated, and private prayer groups.
  • Invite friends to your prayer groups or search for a group by name.
  • When you are at the throne of grace, quickly cycle through all prayers in priority order with none falling through the cracks.
  • Add notes or other comments to your prayers.
  • Share words of encouragement to prayer requests from your group partners.
  • Receive feedback that your prayer partners are praying for your requests.
  • See who is supporting you with prayer.

A unique feature of PrayZ is it’s ability to prioritize your prayer requests. A prayer priority is a blend of two factors: Importance and Urgency. For example, the spiritual welfare of a loved one is of very high importance, however the health of your cousin’s friend’s pet might be less important (although it’s probably important to your cousin’s friend). The urgency of a prayer request for the spiritual welfare of a loved one who is walking closely with God and surrounded with like minded friends is probably low or long-term (📆). If that loved one starts hanging around with a bad crowd, is not praying, and missing school or work, the urgency might be closer to medium or timely (🕝). If your loved one is rushed to the hospital after attempting suicide, the urgency of your prayer request is probably high or immediate (⏱).

Determining a prayer request’s priority is convenient when you are praying because, let’s face it, there’s usually more stuff to do than time to do it. Classifying
priority becomes even more significant when you share your request with a group of prayer warriors and everyone is juggling countless prayer requests. It’s
nice to have all those prayers appear in priority order when you are before the throne of grace.

PrayZ lets you create prayer groups with three levels of visibility: public, moderated, and private. Public groups are visible on the group search screen and anyone can join a public group. Moderated groups are also visible by search, but users must request approval before they can participate in the group. Private prayer groups are not visible by a search and are invitation only. If you own a large prayer group, you can delegate administration of the group to any number of moderators. Any group owner or moderator can invite other prayer warriors to their group using the invitee’s email address. If you invite someone who doesn’t work out, you can block them from sharing requests or you remove them completely.

Feedback and encouragement is crucial to our spiritual life and PrayZ allows both. You can post encouraging comments to your prayer partners’ requests and
every time you tell the app that you prayed for a particular request, it increments the prayed for count. When you view a prayer request, you can see
how many times that request has been prayed for and if you press the count icon you can see a list of people supporting you through prayer.

Another great feature of PrayZ is how it provides a prayer journal. Your prayer history is saved and as prayers are answered you can classify them based on their status. When a prayer is created, the status of the prayer request is 🙏 Hopeful. God typically responds to prayers in one of three ways: Yes, No, and Maybe. You can use PrayZ to reflect God’s response to each prayer by setting the status to: 🙌 Answered (Yes), 📓 Archived (No), and 😔 Silence (Maybe).

Prayers that are answered remain visible for a configurable period of time allowing you to offer your thanksgiving to God for His gracious blessing. Answered and Archived prayers are visible by pressing the history button.