Tip: What to do if you forgot your password

If you forgot your password, you can have a temporary password emailed to you. Click here or go to the Customer Login and click I forgot my password. Enter the username (email address) you entered on the registration screen for Pilot cList, ShopIt, or Golf Target GPS.

If you forgot your username, contact Customer Support.

Tip: Table Refresh

Did you know if you swipe down on a table in one of the apps, it triggers a synchronize operation that merges any changes in your data with backup copies saved on our cloud server. You should use synchronize to create and keep these backup copies up to date and to merge changes from your iPhone and iPad. Synchronize updates the app data on your Apple Watch if for some reason it become mismatched.

Pilot cList Changes in V1.4

New Features:

      • Toolbar.
        When you tap on a list to check off items, there’s now a toolbar at the bottom of the scene. The toolbar contains four buttons. The ?⇔☁️ button lets you synchronize your lists with those backed up on our cloud server. ?➠✔️ clears all the checkmarks off your list so you can reuse the list. The ✔️? | ❌?✔️ button toggles between displaying your checkmarked items and hiding the completed items. Lastly there is an Undo button.
      • Undo.
        Pilot cList now keeps a history of your checkmarks, swipes, and clears. If you inadvertently checkmark an item or grouped set of items or cleared all your checkmarks, tapping the Undo button will reverse the action. You can repeatedly tap Undo to erase each change made.
      • Watch Improvements.
        The watch workflow has been improved. Previously, there was a short built-in delay after you checkmark an item to allow you to undo the action before the item disappeared from the screen. Now, with the new Undo feature, the delay has been removed and if you make a mistake you can swipe the screen to the left
        to undo the change.
        Previously, the swipe left gesture would bring up a menu scene with buttons that allowed you to hide/show checkmarked items, cross out an item instead of checkmarking it, or clear all the checkmarks from a list. These functions are now available as buttons at the bottom of the list or as a menu revealed when you hard press
        the watch screen for a couple of seconds.
        The action of crossing out an item instead of checkmarking it has been streamlined. If you swipe the screen to the right then tap an item, the item will get crossed out.

Bug Fixes:

      • None.