What do I do when I’m done shopping but didn’t buy everything on the list?

There’s now an easy way to deal with a shopping list that isn’t quite finished; that is to say you have stuff on the list that you couldn’t find at the store or maybe you ran out of time. ShopIt 4.8 adds a Done Shopping button on the right side of the toolbar.

How to handle items on your list

Touching the Done Shopping button brings up an alert where you can choose.

  • Save for later
  • Ignore

If you choose save for later, the current shopping list is finished and any remaining items that haven’t been checked off are moved to a new list.

When you select Ignore ShopIt crosses off the remaining unpurchased items.

Using the Done Shopping button allows ShopIt to put this set of purchases in the history book and can utilize that information to make estimated suggestions when you might need to repurchase items.

Can I mark frequently purchased shopping items as favorites or get ShopIt to suggest when I need an item?

Yes! In version 4.8, we’ve added the convenience of tagging a shopping items as favorites. ShopIt also utilizes your shopping history to estimate when you might need to resupply on frequently purchased items.

An empty heart button shows the item is not a favorite. Touch the button once to mark the item as a favorite.

Favorites are shown with a filled in heart button. Touch the button again to clear the favored status.

To view your all your favorites, touch the Suggestions button.

The new suggestions screen.

Shows all your favorites first followed by suggested purchases based on your shopping history.

To add items from the suggestions scene, check them off and touch the Accept button.

You can view your shopping history for a particular item by touching the history button next to the item.

Change your sort preference using the toolbar button. It toggles between alphabetically and chronologically.

Purchase History

Here’s an example of the detailed purchase history, ShopIt’s estimate for how frequently you purchase the item and when you might need to repurchase it.