Changes in V1.2

New Features
  • The changes screen is new.
    ShopIt shows you what changed the first time you launch the app with a new version. If you want to see the change list again, tap the ❓button on the home screen then select Changes button.
  • You can now search your shopping lists for a particular item by tapping the ? toolbar button.
  • The ?➠☁️ button (sync) has been removed from most of the screen toolbars. To synchronize your lists, simply swipe down on the table.
Bug Fixes
  • Copy and paste was not copying the notes for an item.
  • A crash would occur if you tapped the <Shopping Lists navigation button while on the registration screen.
  • If you change the quantity of an item while planning a shopping trip, the item will be included in the plan if quantity is greater than zero and removed from the plan if you change the quantity to zero.

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