ShopIt Changes In V3.3

      • Hide infrequently used item.
        You can hide infrequently purchased items with a setting from 1 to 36 months.
        To change the setting, tap the ❓ button (About/Help) on the right side of the toolbar, then tap the ⚙ (Settings) button. There’s a slider that lets you choose to hide infrequently used items ranging from Never (old items are always visible) to 36 months.
        While you’re on the Settings page, why not take the time to register with One in a Million Apps. Registered users can synchronize their lists between their devices and backup them up on our cloud server for an extra level of protection.Quickly reveal the hidden items when planning a shopping trip by tapping the ▷ (Expand) button on the right side of the group name to unmask the rarely used items in the category. The button changes to ▽ (Collapse) and tapping it again will hide the older items.
        The search ? feature also finds the infrequently used items, even if they are currently being hidden from view.


      • Watch sync causing a crash.
        Sometimes on rare occasions, the app would crash if the watch requested that data be sent to it.

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