ShopIt Changes in V3.0

    • Premium Upgrade.
      ShopIt now offers an in-app purchase to upgrade from the basic version to a premium version. The premium version provides list sharing and the ability to associate stores with shopping lists.
    • Sharing Lists.
      Sharing lists is now a premium feature that requires an upgrade to use. The reason for this change is that if one user of the premium version shared a list containing stores with a user of the basic version, the basic version would not handle the store information associated with the shared list.
    • Stores.
      Ever get frustrated because you shop at different stores and find the items located in different isles? This version of ShopIt lets you associate stores with your lists and customize each store. Represent shopping isles as categories and you can include a different set of categories for each store. For each store you can select the sequence that you go through the isles in by moving categories up or down. For each item at the store, you can select what isle it is in. For example, you are shopping at the grocery store near work and the maple syrup is in the cereal isle. Next time you are shopping at the store near home and syrup is in the jelly isle. ShopIt handles this by letting you put items in the different isles for different stores. If there are items on your shopping list that are only available at a particular store, ShopIt displays the name of the store and those items.

How do I rename a list?

  • Tap the Edit button at the top right corner of the scene to switch to edit mode (the button changes to Done when you are in edit mode).
  • In edit mode, when you tap a list name, a dialog pops up allowing you to change the name. Tap Save to record the new name or Cancel to ignore any changes.
  • Finish up by tapping the Done button at the top right corner of the scene to leave edit mode.


ShopIt Changes in Version 2.4

New Features:

  • Barcodes.
    You can now scan barcodes instead of typing the name of shopping list
    items. When you scan a barcode, ShopIt queries a public community based
    database containing 1.9 million codes for the name and notes of an item.
    If the item has been added by someone, ShopIt fills in the item name and
    notes for you. If the item is new, you are given the opportunity to
    contribute the information to help others in the community.


  • Editing Quantity on Watch.
    If you edited the purchase quantity using the watch, the quantity was changed internally, but the number displayed on the watch was still the old value.
  • Purchased Items not Hidden on Watch.
    If you tapped an item on the watch while shopping and you have Hide ✔️ enabled, the item wouldn’t disappear as quickly as it should have.
  • Cut, Copy, & Paste.
    If you selected multiple items to Cut from a list only the first item was removed and if you Pasted multiple items, only the first was added.
    Also, the clipboard wasn’t being cleared before Cutting or Copying items, so it would continue to accumulate items.

ShopIt Changes in Version 2.3


  • New Shopping Lists.
    If you create a new shopping list and new item, the app would crash. If  you added an item to an existing shopping list that you had previously used for shopping, everything was ok. The crash occured if no previous shopping plans existed.
  • Cut, copy, & paste.
    Selecting Cut, Copy & Paste from the edit menu would cause the app to crash.

ShopIt Changes in Version 2.2

New Features:

  • Apple Watch Performance.
    Viewing a list on the watch now occur almost immediately when you select the list. In the prior release it could take a few seconds for the list to be displayed. The engine used to sync the phone to the watch has also been improved.


  • Shared Shopping Lists.
    If you and a friend were sharing a shopping list and each of you independently created a shopping plan, after syncing only the last plan created would be visible; the first plan would be hidden until you finished shopping then it would reappear. Now, ShopIt detects multiple active shopping plans and merges them after a sync.
  • Item Order.
    Sometimes the item order in a list would not be handled correctly; this was fixed in this release.

ShopIt Changes in V2.1

New Features:

  • Apple Watch Support.
    When you install ShopIt on your Apple Watch, your phone synchronizes your shopping and to-do lists with your watch making shopping even easier. You can leave your phone in your pocket and breeze through the store checking off items as they go in your cart. ShopIt hides checked items so at a glance you can see what’s next to buy.
  • Shopping List Cart Count.
    The main shopping lists scene shows a shopping bag with the number of items planned for purchase. This feature, at a glance, lets you see what lists have unpurchased items.
  • Default To Do Category.
    The default category for to-do items is now ‘Miscellaneous’; which makes more sense than ‘Somewhere’.


  • Long Item Names.
    Long item names are handled better when you turn the phone to landscape mode and on wide screen displays like the iPad.
  • Empty Lists.
    If you manually uncheck all the items from a shopping plan, the app would leave the shopping cart tool bar button visible; using Edit and Clear all ✔️ would clear the cart button. Now when you uncheck the last item, the cart button disappears as expected.

ShopIt Changes in V2.0

New Features:

  • To Do Lists.
    Everyone loves adding tasks to someone else’s to-do list. ShopIt expands it’s strength in list sharing by providing To-Do Lists. Now you can create that ‘honey do list’ and share it with a special someone, create as many task lists for others or personal task lists to organize your to-do’s. ShopIt notifications make it easy to keep abreast of new and changing tasks and progress on assignments you have delegated.
  • New Interface.
    This latest version includes a streamlined interface that shows list items as soon as the list is selected and provides toolbar buttons for secondary features. There are now buttons for shopping, managing categories, sharing lists, and viewing shopping history.
  • Wish List Improvements.
    Previously, shared wishlists were displayed with the owner’s full name as well as the list name. Now the app displays just the owner’s first name (if it is unique) and the list name.
    In version 1.4, you had to select a wish item to see if a friend had already purchased it. Now wish items are grayed out if the item has been purchased.
  • Editing improvements.
    The Edit menu button now brings up a dialogue box letting you select between delete and reorder items, cut/copy/paste items, select all items, or clear all checkmarks.
    Cut, copy, & paste has been expanded to work for all types of lists. You can even copy and paste items from different list types.


  • Fixed a crash when syncing included a list type not supported by current version.
  • Fixed crash if trying to email a sharing invite without first creating the invitation. Now ShopIt automatically creates sharing invite if you tap the sharing button without creating an invite.
  • Fixed a bug where a wish item posted by another app wasn’t displayed when you finished editing a different item and returned to the wishlist.
  • If an item name was extremely long, it would be displayed, but in a font too small to read. Now long names are handled more intelligently.

Changes in V1.4

New Features
  • Posting items to your wishlists.
    ShopIt now allows you to add items to your wishlists from other apps. You can browse your favorite shopping sites using Safari and when you see an item you like, tap the app’s share button to bring up the ShopIt sharing extension. From the extension, you can choose to post the item to an existing wishlist or create a new list and save it there. After you post the item, you’re still at the site to keep shopping and posting more items. When you launch ShopIt all your items will be on your wishlists. You can post items from from any app that shares web links using their share button.
  • How-To video.
    There’s now a How-To video showing the shopping list features of ShopIt. To view the video tap the ? button (About) on the top screen, then select Help on the About screen. The link to the video is at the bottom of the page. The video explains the app basics and demonstrates some advanced features like how to cross an item off your shopping list because it was out of stock or you changed your mind about purchasing it. The video shows how to share a list with family and friends.
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.
Bug Fixes
  •  Unregistered users could accept a sharing invitation, resulting in the RSVP being taken but the user couldn’t access the list.
  • If you were on the shopping scene of a shared list and your friend added or deleted items to or from the list, the items would show up on the screen but the cart totals at the top of the screen were not updated to reflect the addition or removal of items.
  • If you delete all your lists and relaunch ShopIt, it would create new samples. Now it only creates the sample lists once when you launch the app the first time.
  • If you had a long name for a wishlist item, the app would fit the name on the screen, but in a font so small you couldn’t read it. Now on the items scene it truncates long names with …
  • If you created a list, category, or item by typing a name in the text field but left the scene by tapping the <Back button without tapping ↵ (Return) on the keyboard, the entry didn’t get recorded. Now when you leave the scene, it saves the entry.
  • A Changed category sometimes didn’t sync across devices or with friends.
  • If you tapped the + button to add a new wish item, the app would bring up the new shopping item scene instead.